A lot of people are going to start promoting the  Big Idea Mastermind over the next couple of month’s, Even if you Google it today or even search on it in YouTube you will see so many reviews, fake reviews should I say all recommending to purchase the program and to purchase it through there link, so you can join there team. To be honest a lot of people promoting this program would be first time markets (newbies) which is not a bad thing we all have to start off from somewhere, I understand that.

the big Idea mastermind review

However a newbie is not someone you need to help make you grow and take your company to the next level. This is why I decided to do this Big Idea Mastermind Review. If you are familiar with seo then you would notice that I have targeted this specific post to go after the keyword -The Big Idea Mastermind Review. You have to understand I have two reasons for writing this post one is to let you understand that not every review you see online will be 100% genuine, and the second reason is to get traffic to my site and to maybe make you join my team if you feel that I am a person you feel could help make your online business grow.
Please check out this website and go through some of my post’s I want to understand that I’m not here trying to be a hypocrite, I’m not trying to give you a fake review to get a commission, yes I do believe that you would be stupid to pass up an opportunity to get Involved with the Big Idea Mastermind program, and I will explain my reason now.

Once you get involved with the program you will, have advantage over almost 90,000 affiliates who are promoting the Empower Network Program, If you do not know what that program is please click here and check out the video this will explain it fully, now The Empower Network program is a online product which has turn’t ordinary people into superstars over night, people are making six figures a month with this program. People who has never made money online are now making a killing with this program. Which I feel is amazing personally.

Ok, the Empower Network has been around for 12 months now as from the time I am writing this post and now everyone has heard about this product and it has come harder to promote this product especially in the Internet Marketing niche, so solo ad providers wont even let you promote it to there list any more.
This could be a problem for someone new trying to make it in this industry because now you have to market this product with angles or offer some sort of great bonuses to persuade someone to join your team, because now they want to join one of the leaders team. It is not impossible but now it has just got a lot harder.
However if you purchase the empower network program through a member of the big idea mastermind program you will have access to the big Idea Mastermind program and it will allow you to promote the Big Idea Mastermind product instead of the Empower Network Program. But you will still get paid from the Empower Network program because both programs are tied together through The Big Idea Masterminds api. Hope that makes sense.

So now instead of completing with 90,000 affiliates you are now against just a couple thousand, this will allow you to position yourself as a leader in the Big Idea Mastermind which is very important. You are now not completing with the other Empower Network affiliates your job has just got a lot easier,
Ok so that’s why I say you would be stupid not to promote this program, if you get the chance. It’s free for now to access the training and system. soon it will go to $5000 a year.

Below is a video of The Big Idea Mastermind Review, please watch it after you read this post

So I believe you should take advantage you owe it to yourself, your family and your future. I’m not even going to try to persuade you to purchase through my link and let me become your sponsor, If you have not understood from this post and just by reading some of the other post’s on this site, then we was not meant to work together.
I am on a mission to help 100 people make a minimum of $2500 a month this year, you can either join the winning team and sign up through my link or sit on the sidelines, the choice is yours

If you are willing t join then welcome click this link and I will see you on the other side.


That was my none biased Big Mastermind Review hope you enjoyed it.


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