A lot of people want to start a marketing campaign, but do not know what the objective of the campaign, So i decided to show some marketing objectives examples.

This is an important part of your campaign because then you will decide on how you are going to go out and market, you will market differently depending on how your marketing objective

So here our the most common objectives for any campaign

Increase In sales/ sales

The main marketing objective for most business is to increase sales, turn a profit. You would look for a good ROI (return on investment), the whole purpose of the campaign is to be in profit after the cost of marketing.

For example you could run a Google Adwords campaign with the whole purpose to drive traffic to your sales page, the traffic could of cost you $2000 but you made $3000 a 50% roi

This is known as direct response

Marketing Objectives Examples

Product Awareness

The next marketing objectives examples is product awareness, the whole point of this objective is to get a product some market awareness, it could be a product that is new or one that has been on the market for a while. It allows your customers to be aware of this product, what it does, whats its benefits and also allows them to know that this product is now available in the market.

So unlike the first campaign the whole goal is to improve the awareness of a product not to generate sales

Marketing Objectives Examples

Establish Yourself In The Industry

The next objective is to establish your self in the industry, you or your company might be entering a new industry so you have to position yourself in this new industry, so the whole purpose of the campaign is to set yourself up as the go to person in the specific industry, so if there is a problem people will seek you or your company  to offer a solution.

This is marketing objective for this blog, my whole purpose is not to get sales, or to get product or brand awareness. The whole purpose is to position myself as a leader in this industry so people will come back often to see how I can offer a solution for there marketing problem.

Brand Awareness

The last marketing objective that I will cover is brand management, the whole purpose of a brand awareness campaign is to get your brand out there so people feel comfortable and establish trust with your brand, you see all the big companies do this, Nike, Pepsi, Coca Cola the list goes on.

Once your establishes trust then your customers will always come back and buy from you over and over again, So it is important to get your brand out seen in the places where people can build that trust with you.

For example there is no point having posters all over town, posted in back alleys and traffic light poles, it needs to been seen in the right stores, magazines even the right websites, that why you see a lot of companies buying media on high traffic trust worthy sites like weather.com or CNBC. Also that’s why companies will always do TV advertising you automatically trust a companies product if you see it on TV.

That is the marketing objectives examples that I will cover there are some more but I believe this are the main ones.

Take care


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